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Cladding in Combustible and Non-Combustible Construction

This bulletin provides some background on cladding systems and clarifies the intent of the code insofar as systems that are tested for use in non-combustible construction and possibly used in the context of combustible construction – such as conventional wood frame
The intent of the National Building Code is to limit the use and contribution of combustible cladding systems in non-combustible construction. There are a number of mechanisms to achieve this. Use of the same materials in combustible construction is permitted and applications will be clarified in this Bulletin. Read More …

Water Supplies for Fire Fighting

FPE Bulletin 3: Water Supplies for Fire Fighting  Introduction: Much confusion exists as to what is an acceptable water supply for firefighting.  Historically, water supply was tied to the ‘fire risk’. Fire risk can be defined as the product of the frequency of a fire and the consequences resulting therefrom. This requires integration over the range of possible fires and the resulting impacts. The fire risk may often be confined to a single building.  However, READ MORE…