Southend-on-Sea Pier, UK

DSCF8864Following significant fire losses in the UK’s historic piers, we were approached to undertake an assessment of Southend-on-Sea pier to determine if there was an effective means of significantly improving protection and minimising fire losses due to fires in above deck and below deck construction.

The result is the first fully recirculating fire protection system that will enable the 3 km long pier to be fully serviced with fire water in all temperatures. The recirculating system enables water to be fed in freezing temperatures without the need for insulation of the main feed piping which is reversible in the event one leg has The strategy is to protect all combustible sections of the pier, provide a fully integrated wireless based fire alarm system and simultaneously facilitate better access to water supplies for firefighting.

By working with the successful contractor the logistics of installing the feed mains below the main deck of the pier were overcome whilst enabling the main hardwood decking to be replaced.

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