Bramshill Manor, Hampshire, UK

Bramshill from distance1

Working with the IFC Group, this Jacobean mansion was established and is now occupied as one of the UK’s national police colleges. It has required significant ongoing maintenance. Various schemes for improving the usability of the floor areas were put forward.

An analysis of the construction, exiting and escape times as well as compartmentation was undertaken. As floor were being taken up as a result of plans to utilise previously underutilised attic spaces, it was decided that the existing lathe and plaster walls and floors had insufficient fire resistance to adequately control excessive fire spread. The use of automatic sprinkler systems was proposed to offset the inadequate fire resistances and permitted the installation to be carried out at the same time as new floors were installed in the attic area.

This resolved the pressure on means of escape by reducing the size of a potential fire while minimising the probability of a fire leading to excessive destruction of the heritage fabric.