Total Systems Approach to Design


Very few firms in the fire protection field actually do design. Most specialise in only one aspect of design such as fire suppression or fire alarm systems. By retaining John Ivison and Associates Ltd you are provided with all the design services you require to complete your project. This enables you to deal with one principal consultant who provides all the services within the group. The result is significant savings for the client. The fire protection programme will have already determined how much your project will cost and what will be the anticipated costs for consultancy.

FP2aMany projects have costs get out of control simply because the wrong person is put in charge. For instance, it may be uncomfortable for an architect to be put in the position of prime consultant simply because there is an architectural element to address. For new construction, fire and life safety is about 5% of a project but for a renovation or conversion this may be as high as 95%. By placing us in charge we are able to retain the architectural services within a strict budget whilst managing the overall strategy for fire and life safety as well as code conformance.

We therefore use the concept of a total systems design. As the coordinating Registered Professional/Prime consultant we will retain all the services your project requires including the following systems:

  • Structural engineering- seismic upgrading/ reservoirs etcDSCF8856
  • Fire alarm and communication systems/electrical power systems
  • Fire Protection systems/ mechanical/plumbing systems
  • Architectural services may be retained directly by the owner or by us depending on the specific project and client needs. Where major additions are required the architect often does the architectural design for the addition while the overall fire and life safety strategy and code conformance is managed by us.

Projects undertaken on this basis include:

  • Many significant hospital projects throughout B.C.
  • Major improvements for historic sites
  • Major hotel towers and both office and residential upgrades
  • Low to midrise conversions in Vancouver’s Gastown and Yaletown districts.
  • International heritage projects such as the fire protection improvements for Southend-on-Sea’s historic pier and improvements at Bibury Court in the UK.