Project Management


From the first contact with our clients, scoping of the project, design, through to final completion and occupancy of the building it is important to keep everything under tight control. A project that is properly scoped out and budgeted initially runs more smoothly through its various stages. At each level of input you get the best specialists to assist you in completing the contract. We arbitrate in many situations and work to protect your interests in disputes over extras, extended schedules and other issues.

Construction1aThe best defence against unexpected increases in contract costs are the package of tender documents we provide as part of our service. This includes a total systems design package, specifications, form of tender etc. Where work is phased, the definition of work elements in the form of tender and specifications must be precise.

Experience has also shown that good contractors do not focus on disputes but rather, getting on with the work of the contract. For this reason we support the use of qualified contractors and discourage those who are bidding with inadequate credentials for the work.