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Cladding in Combustible and Non-Combustible Construction

This bulletin provides some background on cladding systems and clarifies the intent of the code insofar as systems that are tested for use in non-combustible construction and possibly used in the context of combustible construction – such as conventional wood frame
The intent of the National Building Code is to limit the use and contribution of combustible cladding systems in non-combustible construction. There are a number of mechanisms to achieve this. Use of the same materials in combustible construction is permitted and applications will be clarified in this Bulletin. Read More …

Fire Protection Engineering Education – WIKI

FPE Education Fire Protection Engineers, like their counterparts in other engineering and scientific disciplines, undertake a formal course of education and continuing professional development to acquire and maintain their competence. This education typically includes foundation studies in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and technical writing. Professional engineering studies focus students on acquiring proficiency in material science, statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer,engineering economics, ethics, Systems in engineering, reliability, and environmental psychology. Studies in combustion, probabilistic risk READ MORE…