John T. Ivison


John T. Ivison has been a fire protection engineer for 40 years. He started his career in Toronto with the insurance industry as a loss prevention specialist and subsequently sprinkler inspector. He moved into training sprinkler inspectors and running the IAO training school before his move to Vancouver as Fire Protection Manager for BC Forest Products- the second largest integrated forest products company in British Columbia at the time.

He set up Protection Engineering Inc. in 1982 to meet the need for expertise in expanded fire and life safety codes. He quickly gained a market in Vancouver and was responsible for upgrading many Gastown, Yaletown and downtown hotel and office towers. He also managed hospital improvement programmes for the province and gradual specialised in upgrading heritage buildings. He was a member of the Gastown Historic Area Planning committee (GHAPC) for many years and then a Commissioner of the Vancouver heritage Commission. Having established a Fire Protection Programme at the University of BC (UBC) he acted as an Adjunct professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering for about 6 years.

Under his tutelage Protection Engineering pioneered several new fire modelling techniques for the analysis of fire performance and patented an important venting system for high buildings.

In 2001 he sold his interest in Protection Engineering Inc. and moved back to the UK where he specialised in large heritage projects across southern England. While there, he undertook some seminal studies and designs for high profile projects such as Royal Ascot, Blackdown House, Bramshill Manor, Bibury Court and Southend-on Sea historic pier. He returned to Canada in 2011 and quickly established his practice in heritage and refurbishment. He also is called upon to assist is industrial facilities with special problems as well as product development and the design of fire suppression systems. His work still has a strong heritage focus and he manages fire protection projects on BC’s large heritage site upgrades across the province in sites such as Hat Creek Ranch, Kilby Museum and Fort Steele.


Mike van Geyn

Mike van Geyn, A.Sc.T Closing down a fire following a Fire Resistance test.

Mike van Geyn has extensive experience in fire testing, the development of new products, and the design of assemblies for flame spread, combustibility, durability, fire resistance and other properties arising from fire and building codes both in the US, Canada and Europe.

He is an internationally recognised expert in fire performance and is typically responsible for fire resistance, fire penetration and other details for renovation/refurbishment projects. He maintains an ad hoc testing facility that conducts indicative fire performance testing for fire resistance. This is useful in demonstrating equivalent performance to referenced codes and standards.

He is also experienced in a wide array of building construction standards including fire performance tests such as flammability and flame spread on building facades. The depth of experience enables him to assist us with new product development or to demonstrate equivalent performance of products on an Alternative Solution basis.




Tom Mulder, C. Tech

Tom Mulder has over 30 years’ experience in the design of fire protection systems- primarily automatic sprinkler systems, fire pump water supplies and related systems. He is also adept at mechanical design including HVAC and plumbing systems. All these skills come in useful in undertaking the total systems design for large projects. Tom has assisted in the design of Hat Creek potable and fire protection systems, the Kilby Museum site in Agassiz, as well as Nyrstar mine and other projects.

He undertakes all our drafting design and coordination for historic, industrial and commercial projects on Vancouver and the lower mainland.




Alex Apostoli, P Eng

Alex Apostoli is an accomplished Engineer and has worked in many environments and within the scope of many types of engineering criteria. Specializing with Structural Engineering Alex is always updating his skill set and education to ensure he brings current and up to date information and standards to his clients. Projects that Alex participated in range from the smallest of home renovations creating specifications and designs for the home owner, to working with large corporate and Government projects requiring multiple engineering and technical professionals, where he had to coordinate and manage on all levels with clients like BC Ferries and the BC Government.




C D Miller

Charles Miller, Eng Tech

Charles Miller has been trained over multiple disciplines. Originally trained as a Military Shipwright, he also studied Building and Civil Technologies where he honed his administrative and technical skills. Charles coordinates the project documentation and contracts and assists in the management of the projects in a variety of areas. He has served as a Project Coordinator and Technician working with clients like BC Ferries, Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Coast Guard, Stanley Engineering and Centra Gas. 





Peter Shires A.Sc.T. , Eng.

Peter Shires has over 30 years’ experience as a fire protection designer and contractor. His experience covers a wide number of sectors including industrial fire protection installations, commercial and residential as well as special applications. Peter carries out field reviews in the construction phase of our projects and is able to cover the Vancouver/GVRD/Fraser Valley region for us.

He is also called on for advice on the practicalities of installations from a contracting perspective.

Peter is an invaluable member of our team. Both he and his father before him have made a unique contribution to the fire protection engineering industry in British Columbia.